The Advantages of Installing a New Air Conditioner

While you may be holding onto that old air conditioner because you are concerned about the cost of a new unit, you may find that the increasing AC repair jobs you face are changing your mind. Rather than taking the reactive approach to your cooling needs just because your old unit seems to be demanding an air conditioner repair more than you would like, consider the advantages of investing in a new air conditioning unit.

  1. Energy Savings: The older the air conditioning unit, the more likely it is to have to work hard to produce the same results as a new air conditioner. All the extra effort it makes comes from energy, which means the higher volume of energy consumed leads to bigger utility bills for you. Although there is an upfront payment for the new air conditioner, your return on investment will quickly pay off with much smaller utility expense.
  2. Air Quality: New air conditioning technology involves more humidity, which in turn reduces the amount of dust that accumulates. Less dust means cleaner air.
  3. The Environment: New air conditioners use a new environmentally friendly refrigerant that means you are helping the environment by reducing harmful carbon emissions that adversely impact the atmosphere.
  4. Repair Costs: With a new air conditioner, AC repair will not be necessary, meaning you have removed a cost from the equation for quite awhile. New air conditioning technology also has helped to create a unit that can be more efficient without the effort, which means parts tend to last longer and requires less AC repair over time.
  5. The Right Size: You may have adopted an air conditioning unit in your home or office that someone else installed. At the time, the AC contractor may not have selected the most appropriate size unit, or the previous owner thought they were saving money by installing a unit that is too small to cool the space properly. Instead, you can now ensure you have the right size by working with an air conditioning contractor that is focused on your best interest.

Time to Call an Air Conditioning Contractor

SCV Climate Pros is here to provide expert advice on the best route to take for your cooling needs. As a licensed air conditioning contractor, we have a certified team of technicians that can handle your air conditioning repair or provide effective air conditioning installation service.

We provide AC repair and installation throughout Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, and Simi Valley, including the cities of Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, Canoga Park, Granada Hills, Northridge, Reseda, Van Nuys, Winnetka, Burbank, Studio City, Tarzana and West Hills. Contact us now for a free home or office estimate on air conditioning repair or air conditioning installation.

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How to Choose a Heating and Air Contractor

It may be hard to know just how to select a heating and air contractor for your residential heating and air repair or your commercial heating and air installation. After all, the San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita areas have a seemingly endless selection of heating and air companies. To help you find a heating and air contractor that you can trust, consider these important attributes and qualifications.

Attributes of a Heating and Air Installation Partner

Make sure the heating and air contractor you are considering has these best practices in place:

  • A heating and air contractor should show their industry associations and certifications, including associations like the Air Conditioning Contractors of America and the North American Technician Excellence certification, as well as their contractor’s state license board number.
  • A heating and air installation company should always come to your home or business to give an estimate rather than do it over the phone. They will also provide you with a written bid on the work that needs to be done.
  • You want a heating and air repair company that can discuss the latest technology and most efficient solutions available because this shows they are focused on continually learning and improving within their field of expertise.
  • A heating and air contractor will be professional in all communications and actions, including providing friendly and responsive contact by phone and in-person as well as showing up on time for an appointment.
  • Although many people operate businesses from home thanks to technology, it is important that an air conditioning and heating professional have an office or shop that can be visited because it provides a higher level of confidence in its continuity.

Where to Find the Ideal Heating and Air Repair Company

Now that you have these attributes in mind, it is a good idea to confer with friends, family, or co-workers about any heating and air installation company they may use that fits this description. Another good source is to go online and research companies by reading reviews on social media sites that have consumer feedback about their heating and air repair company experiences.

Your Heating and Air Repair Expert

SCV Climate Pros can fulfill that list of attributes and deliver consistent service and value for all your residential and commercial heating and air installation needs. We serve customers in Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, and Simi Valley. This includes cities within the San Fernando Valley, such as Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, Canoga Park, Granada Hills, Northridge, Reseda, Van Nuys, Winnetka, Burbank, Studio City, Tarzana and West Hills. Call us now to get started with a heating and air repair expert you can trust!

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What are Common Heating Repair Issues?

You know that feeling when you are sitting at your desk or putting your feet up at home, and you realize it seems cold, but it’s Southern California so it should not feel that way. You’ve turned the heater on for those chilly mornings when the sun is still sleeping, but it never seems to get any warmer.

These are signs that you may need a heating repair service specialist or, at the very worst, could be in the market for a new heating installation project. There is some basic troubleshooting you can do to determine if your future holds a heating repair or new heating installation.

Heating Repair Troubleshooting

Heating units are complex appliances that can fall victim to dozens of issues and problems. Here are some of the most common heating repair problems to consider when you realize you have a poorly performing heater that is costing you money but not delivering the heat:

  • Maintenance breakdown: Like most things in life, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, or, in this case, don’t worry about maintenance because it is still working. In actual practice, it pays to be proactive because it is the lack of regular maintenance upkeep that can lead to heating repair or, if it goes without care and attention for a long time, even heating installation. It is recommended that you conduct seasonal maintenance tasks and call in a heating repair specialist for an annual maintenance check-up.
  • Dirt and debris: Filters tend to collect all the dirt and debris in the air, so when these are not cleaned, they clog up and restrict the airflow that is necessary for a heating unit to provide circulating warm air. Imagine your heating unit going without filter cleans like a heart whose valves are full of cholesterol build up. Over time, it will take more and more to do the same work, leading to a breakdown. That’s right, your heating unit can go into cardiac arrest just for not keeping it healthy.
  • Normal wear and tear: Not everything has been built to last forever, and a heating unit is full of all types of mechanical parts that may get tired and decide to retire early. These mechanical parts can include things like bearings and belts that stop working and then lead to other issues, such as overheating or a lack of warm airflow.
  • Pilot problems: Like the wear and tear listed above, another mechanical aspect of a heating unit that often requires repair is the pilot or ignition control. This heating problem could cause your heating unit to work intermittently or not at all.
  • Thermostat issues: Sometimes it is your thermostat that develops control issues and does not allow your heating unit to work. That is because it may not be relaying the right information necessary for your heater to produce heat or is doing so intermittently so your comfort level plummets.

The Go-To Heater Repair and Heater Installation Specialists

The SCV Climate Pros team specializes in heater repair and heater installation for commercial clients and residential customers throughout Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, and Simi Valley and including cities, such as Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, Canoga Park, Granada Hills, Northridge, Reseda, Van Nuys, Winnetka, Burbank, Studio City, Tarzana and West Hills. We’re here to keep your heaters running as efficiently as possible. Contact us now!

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Repair or Replace the Furnace?

When that furnace starts to make strange sounds, you may get that sinking feeling that you may be looking at the cost of a new furnace installation versus just a furnace repair. The problem is how do you know what you need when furnace repair is not your career or even a hobby?

Furnace Repair Signs and Symptoms

Here are some signs to look for that can give you some idea of whether you can get by with a furnace repair or you will have to look at the options for a new furnace installation:

  • If it feels like your furnace is not warming the house or office properly, a good place to start is the furnace filter. Sometimes, it is clogged and not letting the furnace do its job. This is a simple, low-cost furnace repair that you can do yourself.
  • Other problems can be fixed with other simple furnace repairs, including replacing the pilot light or sealing the ductwork joints. These types of repairs to your furnace can save you more money, in the long run.

Keeping up with these types of furnace repairs can help you extend the life of your furnace.

Time to Consider New Furnace Installation Service

There are three reasons for a new furnace installation:

  • The furnace is old. If you move into an older home, there is a good chance that the furnace is just as old. This may mean it is not as energy efficient as the new types of furnaces. Plus, it is most likely on the way out because a furnace tends to last for about 25 years before it is time for a new furnace installation.
  • The furnace is running on a more expensive resource. Depending on your area, the most expensive resource could be electricity or gas. Find out which is cheaper and then change out your furnace so it runs on a lower cost resource to save you money.
  • The heating load, or the amount of energy require to maintain a steady indoor temperature that is comfortable, is not producing the desired effect. A utility company can conduct an energy audit to help you determine if there are solutions that make your home more energy efficient, including the possibility of a new furnace installation.

Expert Furnace Repair and Furnace Installation

Whether you are seeking advice on whether to get furnace repair or furnace installation, the SCV Climate Pros team can help. We provide furnace repair and furnace installation for commercial and residential customers in Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, and Simi Valley. Our air conditioning and heating company also serves the Los Angeles County cities of Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, Canoga Park, Granada Hills, Northridge, Reseda, Van Nuys, Winnetka, Burbank, Studio City, Tarzana and West Hills. Contact us today!

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AC Service Before the Temps Rise

Your air conditioner is something you just assume will always work but that most often decides to stop working in the middle of a Southern California heat wave. While it has hibernated all winter, spring is fast approaching when it will be called on again to keep us cool as temperatures quickly rise.

Now is the time to think about air conditioning maintenance. After all, focusing on maintenance is a lot better than having to consider air conditioning installation because your existing unit is beyond repair.

Air Conditioning Service Maintenance Tips

Here are some quick and easy maintenance tips to ensure that your air conditioner operates efficiently:

  • Change the filter monthly. A clean filter takes the pressure of your air conditioner, so it does not have to work so hard. These filters are available at home improvement stores and only take minutes to replace.
  • Remove dirt and debris from the coils with a broom and water hose. Keeping the coils clean also helps ensure that the air conditioner does not overwork itself to pump out cool air. After a winter of bad weather, leaves and other debris can build up in the coils, so it is an important area of maintenance.
  • Make sure nothing is blocking your air conditioner unit, including overgrown bushes and shrubs. It needs to have plenty of open space around it, so you may need to trim greenery back to give the air conditioner plenty of room to operate.

AV Service Areas for Professionals

Although the aforementioned maintenance tasks are relatively easy, there are other aspects of air conditioning that should be left to the pros. It is important to have an annual AC service that includes diagnostic tests on system controls, moving parts, and electrical connections.

Professional AC Service Assistance

When you are ready for air conditioning service, contact the air conditioning service pros at SCV Climate Pros. Remember that off-peak seasons like spring are an ideal time to get air conditioning service because techs are not as busy like they are in summer.

We offer AC installation and AC service in Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley, but we also serve the cities of Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, Canoga Park, Granada Hills, Northridge, Reseda, Van Nuys, Winnetka, Burbank, Studio City, Tarzana and West Hills. Contact us today to get help with your air conditioner.

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Why Choose Professional Heating Repair in Santa Clarita

Heating repairs should not be carried out alone, which is why you need to hire a professional heating repair in Santa Clarita. Once you have found a professional, you can save yourself both time and money. Another advantage of hiring someone professional for heating repair in Santa Clarita gives you fewer nights without a working heater.

The Job Is Done Fast
If you attempt to carry out the repair alone, you are not alone as that is what many of us do. However, doing something alone and getting the professional heating repair in Santa Clarita to do it is quite a bit different. They are professionals and will, therefore, have the necessary skills and techniques to get the job done quicker.

It Can Cost Less
If you turn to a professional, it will also cost you less. This is because the professional will be able to purchase the parts you require at a reduced price. However, if you buy the parts, you will have to pay more for them. Professionals doing the job will be trained and can work on the system without breaking the warranty, which saves you money. If there is no warranty with the service, then they may offer you one. A further benefit a professional doing the job can offer you is handling the repairs. The company can always come back to fix any system repairs.

It Is Much Safer
Because of the gas and electrical components of these systems, it is safer to allow a professional to maintain them. A little mistake that may be made by you can turn out costing you an entire home. In other cases, problems like a faulty wire may lead to a bigger problem, which is related to the functionality of the entire heating system. One thing you do not want is to run the risk of having a fire in the home, which is why it is best to leave the job to a professional. Turn to experts for help and repair, which may turn out to be an option that is both available and cost-effective.

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What to Look For in an AC Contractor in Santa Clarita

The beautiful summer brings with it charming fragrances of fresh flowers, the beach atmosphere, crisply flourishing mornings, and not forgetting to mention all those endless barbecues. During this time, all homes in the summer will want to be free from the steaming high-noon heat. Thankfully, there is a perfect solution to turn homes from boiling redoubts to much cooler places. An AC contractor in Santa Clarita will recommend installing a home cooling system.

Why Hire A Local AC Contractor?
Hiring an AC contractor in Santa Clarita ensures the air conditioning system in your home will be installed correctly. Over 25 percent of air conditioning systems in the home are installed incorrectly, which is why you need to leave the job to a professional. If the installation is poor, that could mean incorrect unit sizing, bad ductwork, or lack of experience.

Reliable and Knowledgeable AC Contractors
It is important the AC contractor in Santa Clarita you hire is reliable. If you have very little knowledge about air conditioning systems, it is likely you may become the prey of bad contractors. Before you hire, make sure you know a little on your side about what makes an expert AC contractor. The importance that the contractor has updated knowledge is the first thing you should look for. This is because air conditioning changes frequently and progresses every time. Someone who is both professional and knowledgeable will be up-to-date with newest system for your home and will recommend the best cooling system.

Experience and Certification
As well as the qualities above, experience is also important. The expert you hire needs to have two to three years of experience and should provide some references. Lastly, the certification: it is important the contractor you hire be qualified by both national and local organizations. Your contractor should also have the approval of the Better Business Bureau.

Make Cooling Reliable
After finding the right contractor, you are one-step closer to having your air conditioning system installed. Firstly, the contractor will carry out a proper load calculation of your home. They will also check your home by the standards of the ACCA and will install the best air conditioning unit and system in your home.

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Welcome the summer with AC Repair in Santa Clarita

Many places in America require air conditioning both in the spring and summer. This includes areas where seasonal heat reaches record numbers. The brutality of the heat can lead to a number of problems, one of which is an illness. This is why hiring an AC repair in Santa Clarita to ensure your AC is working perfectly is important.

When it comes to air conditioners, it is important they are well maintained and stay in top-notch condition. In order to assure this you may need to get in touch with an expert AC repair in Santa Clarita. Very few people can stand the scorching heat and exhausting weather, which is why you should get this checked prior to the hot weather.

Home Repair Services
The majority of residents have individual window units or central air conditioning. Both types can break down and require repairs, which call for a professional AC repair in Santa Clarita to come and fix the problem. There are many services that can take care of repairs and the problem is finding the best one. To find the best service, it is important you carryout a little research and compare fee structures and price points for a range of repair jobs.

Avoid the Health Hazard
Air conditioning that is not working can be a health hazard to many people. This usually involves little children and the elderly as they may get into dangerous situations without properly working air conditioning. A repair person should be called as soon as one notices a problem in the system so the issue can be tackled early, hopefully resulting in a cool and calm summer.

Cost of Repairs
It usually depends on the job that needs to be done when thinking about the cost one would have to pay. It also depends on how experienced the company is and the length the repair person needs to travel in order to get the job done. However, the majority of people are usually willing to pay whatever it takes with the peace of mind that they will have a working air conditioning system for their health and comfort.

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Top Tips When Hiring an Air Conditioning Contractor in Santa Clarita

The air conditioning business is always profitable during the summer time. This is because this is the time for indoor games, cotton clothing, chilling waters, and to install a good air condition system that can keep both you and your home cool. This is the right time to contact an air conditioning contractor in Santa Clarita to have your air conditioning installed.

Does It Need Servicing?
If you think buying a cooling system is your only option, you will be delighted to know that this it really is not. Your current AC may be working perfectly, which means it does not need replacement. It may just need a little bit of servicing, which is why you need to make sure the air conditioning contractor in Santa Clarita you choose is reliable.

Choosing a Contractor
Choosing a contractor is equally important as choosing the air conditioner. Things like the servicing, installation, and replacement is all in the hands of the air conditioning contractor in Santa Clarita you choose to hire.

Hiring a Contractor
Before hiring, you need to ensure you have a list of at least ten to choose from. If you use the internet for finding a contractor, you will be able to carry out thorough research as well as get all details from the websites. Secondly, you should check in with your neighbors as they may also inform you about any contractors they may have hired in the past. You may also turn to phone directories if needs be.

When it comes to the experience, you can directly ask the contractor or look it up. The more experience a contractor has is better for both you and your air conditioner. You also need to make sure the company has relevant certificates and licenses to do business. You should find out about any complaints that have been made against them as well as confirm their work records. Finally, the contractor you choose needs to give you a good value for money.

If you keep in mind the tips above, there is no reason to why you will not find a professional air conditioning contractor.

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Save Money with an AC Installation in Santa Clarita

New AC installation for the home is a requirement that should not be put off. The first step to this is to find a technician who can handle the upgrade. During this time, there are several decisions you need to make and if there is a professional AC installation service in Santa Clarita you can rely on, then that’s the vital part of the process out of the way.

Avoid Window Units
There is no profit in investing in window AC installation if you own your own home. The small systems are only able to deliver adequate conditioning for a small space. Even a large living room can be cooled with a device that is both large and powerful. This means it is going to require more energy in order to keep the home at an appropriate temperature. This does drive up the overall costs, which is why you should consider the advantages of using a whole-home system instead.

Invest in Energy Efficiency
The energy efficient models may cost a little more, but they do pay for themselves repeatedly in the long-term. Yes, you may need to spend a little more right now, but in order to manage the system for the coming years; you may need to spend more. These systems can work for up to 20 years or longer, which does, in fact, save you a lot of money if you switch to a model that is energy efficient.

Have Your Home Inspected
The best decision you can make is to hire a professional AC installation in Santa Clarita to come to your home and inspect it. The professional AC installation in Santa Clarita who comes to your home will give you a quote for the services that are best for you. When making the decision, the expert will consider overall use for the new air conditioning system as well as the size. They may also recommend any ductwork replacements, what investment you need to make, and some may even arrange for an energy audit, which points the area where you are losing energy.

Take Your Time
It is very important you take your time finding the right professional for the job. This will save you money and give you a better outcome.

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