Believe it or Not, You Might Need Heating Repair Canoga Park

If you’re new to Southern California and you think it doesn’t get cold out here, think again. Here at SVC we get calls for more than just AC repair; we also offer the heating repair Canoga Park residents do occasionally need. Those who’ve lived here for a few years know that it’s not all sunny skies and great waves. Yes, we do have those, but we also have chilly nights and cloudy days when you’ll need to warm the homestead a bit. If the system to do that with breaks down, you’ll need to call us.

Los Angeles and Orange County offer some of the most cutting edge technology in the country in their residential properties. The construction companies in our area have been leading the way in new building techniques since the 1970’s, and that includes the heating and air conditioning systems. The units that we install in homes and office buildings are modern, high tech heating and AC units that warm, cool, and purify the air that you breathe. Our goal is to ensure you’re comfortable at all times.

We also, of course, offer the air conditioning service Canoga Park residents and businesses need. As the decades have gone by, these units have become more environmentally friendly and now renewable energy sources are coming to the region, making a difference in the impact that air conditioning and heating has on the environment and on utility bills. One of the services that we offer to our customers is energy audits to find ways to improve your efficiency and lower your bills.

Financing is available for all of our services and we offer monthly specials on tune-ups of furnaces, AC units, heaters, and water heaters. These tune-ups include safety checks of all equipment and assessments of the effectiveness of your air purification devices. Your home or office should be a comfortable temperature at all times and the air that you breathe should be pure and clean. It’s our job to make sure that happens and we’re pretty good at our job. Call us for more details any time.

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