Repair or Replace the Furnace?

When that furnace starts to make strange sounds, you may get that sinking feeling that you may be looking at the cost of a new furnace installation versus just a furnace repair. The problem is how do you know what you need when furnace repair is not your career or even a hobby?

Furnace Repair Signs and Symptoms

Here are some signs to look for that can give you some idea of whether you can get by with a furnace repair or you will have to look at the options for a new furnace installation:

  • If it feels like your furnace is not warming the house or office properly, a good place to start is the furnace filter. Sometimes, it is clogged and not letting the furnace do its job. This is a simple, low-cost furnace repair that you can do yourself.
  • Other problems can be fixed with other simple furnace repairs, including replacing the pilot light or sealing the ductwork joints. These types of repairs to your furnace can save you more money, in the long run.

Keeping up with these types of furnace repairs can help you extend the life of your furnace.

Time to Consider New Furnace Installation Service

There are three reasons for a new furnace installation:

  • The furnace is old. If you move into an older home, there is a good chance that the furnace is just as old. This may mean it is not as energy efficient as the new types of furnaces. Plus, it is most likely on the way out because a furnace tends to last for about 25 years before it is time for a new furnace installation.
  • The furnace is running on a more expensive resource. Depending on your area, the most expensive resource could be electricity or gas. Find out which is cheaper and then change out your furnace so it runs on a lower cost resource to save you money.
  • The heating load, or the amount of energy require to maintain a steady indoor temperature that is comfortable, is not producing the desired effect. A utility company can conduct an energy audit to help you determine if there are solutions that make your home more energy efficient, including the possibility of a new furnace installation.

Expert Furnace Repair and Furnace Installation

Whether you are seeking advice on whether to get furnace repair or furnace installation, the Integrity Comfort Systems team can help. We provide furnace repair and furnace installation for commercial and residential customers in Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, and Simi Valley. Our air conditioning and heating company also serves the Los Angeles County cities of Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, Canoga Park, Granada Hills, Northridge, Reseda, Van Nuys, Winnetka, Burbank, Studio City, Tarzana and West Hills. Contact us today!

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