When is the best time to call for AC repair in Reseda?

Have you noticed that your air conditioner always fails at an inopportune time? It almost always happens when you are hosting a special event or party, one of your children is sick, or the weather is simply too hot to bear – in Reseda the average high temperature can reach as high as 97°F. The day that record high temperature is registered is when your air conditioner usually bogs down, the time when you most need it. How do you prevent it? When is the right time to call for AC service Reseda?

When it comes to air conditioning, service scheduling is a matter of common sense. In order to prevent malfunctions from happening, it is advisable to ask for regular servicing of your air conditioning unit from an AC technician as part of a preventive maintenance measure. When exactly should you do that? The right time is during a season when the air conditioner is not continuously in use. Spring is best, ideally during March or April, and fall, during the months of October and November, is a close second.

As part of our AC repair Reseda service, we check all equipment to make sure your air conditioner is ready for peak usage. In spring, the air conditioner is not continuously being used, but there are higher levels of dust, strong winds, and pollen that need to be cleaned out. This makes it hard for the compressor of your unit to work properly since dust gathers inside it.  When you call for professional service, our AC technician will clean the compressor and the dirty coils of the air conditioner.

Including a checkup of the air conditioning unit in your list of yearly household tasks assures you of uninterrupted AC cooling throughout the year. A good rule of thumb is to do it twice a year, once in spring and again in fall. Take the initiative to make sure that your cooling system works properly all summer instead of waiting for your air conditioner to malfunction during an inopportune time. Have us visit your home twice a year for regular maintenance and service and you’ll be cool all summer long.

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